eScreen University for Employers

eScreen Benefits

Watch a brief eBrochure demonstrating the many benefits of using eScreen for your drug screening process. Length: 2 min 37 sec

eScreen for DOT Employers

A dynamic suite of features and services create a truly comprehensive and compliant process. Length: 2 min 27 sec

Total Employee Screening Program Management

One service platform. One chain of custody. One perfect solution. Length: 2 min 57 sec

MyeScreen for Employers

Web-based program management for employee drug screening and occupational health services. Length: 2 min 17 sec

Health-eScreen Occupational Health Services

Simple-to-use suite of occupational health services and physical exams with online reporting. Length: 3 min 15 sec

Random Testing Program Management

Automate the administration process of your employee random drug screening program. Length: 3 min

eDQ Driver Qualification File Management

Ease the burden of administering your compliance documentation. Length: 2 min 8 sec

Med-eScreen Onsite Occupational Health Services

Minimize risk to onsite workplace health and safety. Length: 2 min 53 sec

eReader Process

State-of-the-art technology eliminates the reliance on human interpretation. Length: 2 min 19 sec

Drugs of Abuse Screening System

Suite of software and hardware in our nationwide network which minimizes collection errors and enforces compliance. Length: 2 min 36 sec