eScreen has partnered with thousands of occupational health clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals, and urgent care centers to form the EOHN™ occupational health network. When you join the eScreen network, your staff will be trained and certified on how to use our computerized drugs of abuse screening system—the eScreen123® test management software. This system guides your staff through a step-by-step process to ensure your clinic always delivers secure and confidential employee drug-testing collections.

The eScreen123 system directs your clinic in completing:

  • Rapid, lab-based urine collections
  • Breath alcohol collections
  • Physical examinations

A significant difference between our system and those of our competitors is our eCup® test device and eReader® analyzer—the industry's first computerized drug-screening technology. Our "walk-away" testing technology means you no longer handle or aliquot urine. In addition, our drug test system is paperless and allows for rapid drug screens.


eScreen123® Test Management Software

Our eScreen123 web-based software program is a wizard-driven system that ensures your clinic performs consistent, efficient DOT (Department of Transportation) and non-DOT employee drug testing collections. By incorporating customer-specific processes, the system presents clinic staff with the proper tests and correct exception procedures. 

For all non-DOT testing events, our system creates an electronic chain-of-custody form via our eCCF® paperless process, which begins at the time of the collection. The eCCF paperless system comes complete with digital signatures of both the donor and the collector. This feature eliminates the expense and delays that are typically associated with incomplete paper forms and the faxing/mailing of paper chains.


  • Provides consistent collection procedures.
  • Helps minimize collection errors.
  • Captures data and statistics for reports.
  • Manages services for both DOT- and non-regulated programs.

mCup® Drug Test Cup

The mCup drug test device is a manually-interpreted urine drug screen cup. Offered in test panels of 5, 7, 9 10, and 11, the mCup device works in conjunction with our software, electronic chain of custody forms, and automated result reporting solution. Learn more about our premiere urine testing options.

Lab-based Testing

Lab-based urine testing allows for all panel options. The sample is collected at the point of service and then processed through the eScreen system. All non-DOT tests are performed using our eCCF® paperless process and automated results reporting. The system also coordinates the collection, paper federal form completion, and shipment of all DOT tests—while reporting these test results to the employer online. Learn more about our premiere urine testing options.

Paperless chain-of-custody forms and electronic signatures

Our eCCF® paperless process reduces costs and administrative functions by eliminating the need for paper chain of custody forms. Electronic forms minimize errors during collection, ensure consistency of procedures, and link all parts of the donor-screening process.

The eCCF solution incorporates security technologies that protect all aspects of the electronic signature: capture, presentation, validation, and storage. In fact, our security protocol ensures that all electronic data is nonrefutable, legally valid, and has a defensible audit trail.

As an additional layer of authentication, our system adds an auditable time stamp as it embeds the electronic signatures with the eCCF document.

We provide a truly paperless process. You no longer face time-consuming, post-analytic work. No more data entry or transcription of test details. No faxing. And no manual record-keeping.

In fact, you never have to print the chain unless you need to send the specimen to the laboratory or the donor requests a copy of the paperwork.

Other tests and services

In addition to drug screening, our eScreen123 application also allows you to process and manage a variety of other events including breath alcohol tests, hair drug testing, DNA screening, physical exams, and occupational health services. Collections and screenings become data that are “re-creatable events,” creating sample integrity, increased confidentiality and protocol consistency for the donor and your clinic.

Thousands of EOHN clinics incorporate our eReader, eCCF® paperless process, and more.

As a SOC 2® accredited provider, eScreen is committed to high levels of security, privacy, and availability.


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