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What are the components of the eScreen Drugs-of-Abuse Screening system?

The eReader+ instrument with the eCup+ device simplifies the tasks you used to perform when collecting urine specimens. Together, the two reduce labor and unnecessary errors that can occur in non-automated testing processes. Specifically, when your clinic employs point-of-collection drug testing, you eliminate interpretation and transcription errors, ensuring complete objectivity of the test procedure.

Our eReader+ also eliminates confidentiality concerns at the clinic because no one at your facility can see the test results. Furthermore, we designed the system as a “walk-away” process—the collector inserts the cup, starts the test and then is free to move on to other tasks. Less labor, less cost, fewer errors.

What are the benefits of eScreen123?

Our eScreen123 software is designed to eliminate unnecessary manual steps in drug-testing and other collection process. It will save you time and money and improve service to your clients. For example, eScreen123 creates an electronic chain-of-custody form (we call it an eCCF). Having a digital version of this form eliminates all the errors and waste caused by printing, faxing, delivering, storing, mailing, entering data and completing forms manually. These manual processes represent $3 to $5 of the cost per test you end up eliminating when using our paperless system.

In addition, the eScreen123 software solution can manage all types of hiring programs: DOT, non-DOT, rapid testing, lab-based testing, breath-alcohol testing and more. Specifically:

  • mCup manual rapid testing. Our manually performed rapid drug screen provides employers with the fast turn-around time of rapid testing with an expanded test panel option. The mCup is available in a variety of test panel configurations, including 5-, 7-, 9-, and 10-panel options. It also utilizes both our electronic chain of custody form and our web-based result reporting.
  • DOT lab-based testing. We designed eScreen to electronically manage DOT drug-test results on so that it digitally captures data for reports and other statistical functions. We do our best to ease the responsibilities of those with regulated programs.
  • Non-DOT lab-based testing. For employers who are not eligible to use eCup tests, the eScreen solution can still process all lab-based collections. Using our service allows your employer customers to gain from a paperless chain of custody, along with accessing all results electronically via
  • Breath-alcohol testing. The eScreen process can also capture, report results and maintain statistics on breath-alcohol tests for employers, as well.

What are the benefits of using in conjunction with eScreen123?

The benefits are multiple. First, the two systems work together to send test results from your clinic to your customer in less than 15 minutes (for all nonpositive results). Second, the two systems eliminate the time-consuming chore of having to fax results manually to your clients. Plus, because is a total-solution, program-management website, users gain from features such as test-event scheduling, donor and specimen tracking and monitoring, and sophisticated customer-report generation.

Can I use eScreen to manage my manual DOT testing processes?

Yes. You can log the results of DOT tests and manual collections into eScreen123, which records and organizes the data. Plus, the eScreen123 software ensures you follow all of the proper collection steps. (Note: Per DOT regulations, a paper chain of custody must accompany the test to the lab.) In addition, eScreen can report all DOT test results to the employer once the specimen has been tested at the lab and an MRO has confirmed it.

For companies that have fragmented programs that include both DOT and non-DOT testing, eScreen can consolidate the reporting of all these results.

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