eScreen® allows you to view and manage all aspects of your Department of Transportation (DOT) program online, from your desktop, 24/7. Even better, our secure, confidential web-based program—called MyeScreen®
—ensures you meet all DOT requirements because we’ve built compliance components directly into our system.


  • Online DOT drug test scheduling.
  • Tracking and status monitoring of all employee drug screenings.
  • Rapid drug test results in real time (so you can make offers to first-choice candidates more quickly).
  • Built-in DOT compliance reports and management tools.
  • Instant electronic DOT MIS reports, plus other customized statistical documents.
  • Immediate notification of expired events and no-show donors.
  • Management of both regulated and non-regulated test events.



  • View results and monitor the status of all drug test events and donors.

Archiving and Reports

  • Retrieve, view or print a record anytime from your archive.
  • Customize reports that show Turnaround Times, Test Statistics, DOT MIS, Test Summaries and more.


  • Set up and manage other users’ access to your account.
  • Establish privilege levels and restrictions for each user.
  • Activate and deactivate your account features and defaults.

Event Scheduling

  • Initiate a testing event by preregistering a donor.
  • Select a collection site from the nationwide eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN).
  • Set event’s details, establish an expiration date/time and create a customized donor instruction form (called an ePassport®).


DOT Program Management Solution

eScreen is the pioneer and industry leader in applying technology to drug testing. That high-tech proficiency and experience allow us to ease your job in managing DOT-regulated programs. In fact, we’re so successful at automating this task that we currently manage two of the largest DOT programs in the country. And we process millions of data transactions each year, so you can rest assured your information is in good hands.

Some of the major ways your DOT program will benefit from us?

  • Built-in compliance reports and management tools.
  • Instant electronic DOT MIS reports and other statistical documents.
  • An enhanced random drug-test program unlike any other in the industry.
  • Online event scheduling with tracking and status abilities, allowing you to see each step in the collection and testing process.
  • Collection and data management for all modes under DOT.
  • Management of breath alcohol testing and physicals.
  • Access to one of the largest electronically integrated occupational health clinic networks.

If your company has both DOT and non-DOT employees, you’ll gain even more from eScreen’s programs. We add a level of consistency to the management of your drug screenings and physical exams because you’ll need only one electronic platform to cover both. And you’ll always know the status of each step in the collection and testing process because our system eliminates those “blind spots” that you experienced in the past.

Random Drug Test Program Management

  • Manage administration tasks using our feature that links supervisor, manager, collection site and donor.
  • Establish the protocols and criteria for each donor pool.
  • Automatically notify managers when the system pulls their team members’ names for testing.
  • Automatic escalation of random selections still requiring action.
  • Complete real-time visibility into the status of a random pull.

Proactive Compliance

  • Track your compliance status online, 24/7.
  • Generate real-time reports on all employee drug-testing activities.
  • Receive electronic donor-selection notifications.
  • Schedule events online to ensure accurate notification tracking.
  • Escalate non-compliance to manager- and directer-level executives. 

Customization Capabilities

  • Manage multiple pools, selections and employee records.
  • Create custom donor pools for your random employee drug screen program.
  • Work with flexible formatting: Use payroll data, incorporate job codes, division or location data, etc.
  • Experience complete real-time visibility into the status of a random pull.
  • Manage unavailable donors and automatically assign alternate donors.

Integrated Physicals

  • Eliminate the need for overselection by using real-time compliance.
    Most companies overselect in their random drug test programs by 10%.
  • Avoid fines by reducing your risk of non-compliant selection numbers.
  • Eliminate the time and expense of manual administration of your employee drug-screen program.

Integrated Physicals

A major benefit to DOT-regulated companies is eScreen’s ability to schedule and track employee physical exams, along with employee drug screenings. Our automated, comprehensive, administration tool creates a total hiring solution for you. And it’s all conveniently online. You will be able to:

  • Schedule physical exams for individual employees online.
  • Register individuals and track their status—both online.
  • Select from thousands of nationwide eScreen clinics to perform the exams.
  • Combine drug testing and physical exams into one visit.
  • Have physicals medically reviewed against DOT and employer requirements.

MyeScreen can be integrated with applicant tracking and HRIS platforms to automate hiring and administrative processes.

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