Rapid Drug Testing

eCup® drug test cup

Our eCup® device is a patented urine collection device designed to allow for rapid, under-seal screening. A major advantage to our “smart” cup is that it doesn’t require human intervention or interpretation—which means no chance of human error.

How does the eCup device work? Once the donor’s urine specimen is placed into the plastic cup, the lid is attached and sealed. This creates a completely self-contained unit that does not require the clinician to pour, transfer or pipette the specimen into any other container. Instead, the cup—in combination with our patented eReader® system—does all the work.

The eCup lid contains several embedded reagent test strips that are sensitive to the five-test SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) profile cutoff levels. The lid’s test strips also detect and provide adulteration panels for pH, creatinine, and nitrites.

When the eCup is placed into the eReader system, its test strips are digitally screened for the presence or absence of drugs of abuse. The result? Rapid drug test results for all negative drug screens, sent directly to you.

eReader® drugs of abuse screening system

The eReader system is a sophisticated appliance that uses digital technology to scan the test lid of a sealed eCup drug test cup, providing an automated, objective, confidential testing process. This system uses bar code technology, coupled with optical imaging, to electronically capture the drug test results without the subjectivity of a clinician reading them. Within 15 minutes, the eReader technology automatically reports a negative urine drug screen back to you via your account in the MyeScreen® test management portal, or another applicant tracking system.

Set up your own collection site

Does your company have such a high volume of employee drug testing that you need to collect specimens on site? Do you have locations or divisions in rural areas that don’t have direct access to collection sites? Or is your facility already performing drug-screen collections and you want to continue that practice?

If so, we can work with your company to evaluate your program and determine the best collection-process solution. You can still benefit from the practical and efficient advantages of our eScreen123® system.

For more information or to speak to an eScreen sales representative regarding an onsite eScreen system, please contact eScreen at 800.881.0722, option 5.