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The evolution of drug screening

The evolution of drug screening

Rapid, point of collection testing for a drug-safe organization

Drugs and alcohol can have an impact on workplace productivity and replacing an employee can cost their employer an estimated $15,000 in lost productivity and replacement costs.1

Having a safe and physically able workforce is an essential part of growing your workplace. And testing for the most relevant drugs of abuse could help in growing that healthy workforce.

expand your

Automated. Objective. Confidential

The eReader™+ solution provides rapid, instrument-read, expanded panel drug screening. It’s flexible for HR. It's intuitive for testing facilities. It's convenient for job candidates—and most importantly, it's fast for timely hiring decisions.

Technology aside, what makes the system valuable is its network. eReader+ is digitally connected to a trusted network consisting of thousands of facilities around the country. When you order a test, your prospective employees can choose the most convenient clinic, and you have high-quality, automated results within minutes of their test.2


Expand your possibilities and hire with confidence

The eReader+ tests for the most relevant drugs of abuse. It screens for an expanded panel of up to 13 drugs, allowing you to choose from panel options based on your needs and policies.  

Grow your drug-safe and admired workplace

  • Test results in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Use available panel combinations or create your own from the 13 most relevant drugs of abuse.
  • Innovative technology will test, read and report results, maintaining accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Because the process is entirely automated, it removes the subjectivity of human read results.
  • Thousands of screening locations nationwide in the eScreen Occupational Health Network.
  • Protocol-driven software guides employers and collectors through the test providing a seamless digital end-to-end drug testing process from scheduling to the final test report.
  • Easily schedule through our connected employee portal. Gender-friendly cups provide a positive donor experience.
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Learn more about how the eReader+ and eCup+ drug screening system can support your drug-safe workplace

  1. Work Institute 2019 Retention Report final-1.pdf
  2. Negative results are reported automatically in as little as 3 minutes. Non-negative samples are sent to the laboratory for confirmatory testing, and then on to an independent medical review officer (MRO) for final determination.