Rapid Drug Screening:

Hire Candidates More Quickly With Less Hassle

Time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need rapid drug tests results so you can make an offer before your competitors do. But wouldn’t you also like less paperwork to accompany your fast drug testing? Automatic instructions to the donor about his or her exam? Easy tracking of where donors are in the testing process? eScreen® delivers all of these benefits and more.

You don’t wait days for results with eScreen. You’ll receive web-based negative rapid response drug test results within 15 minutes of test completion. You can be on the phone ASAP to make a job offer to your first-choice candidates.

And it doesn’t matter where in the country your employees are located. Whether they are around the corner, across the state or on the opposite coast, when they need a fast drug examination, we have clinics nationwide. Each one uses our patented rapid drug program technology. This fast drug detection technology zaps test results from the clinic to your desktop faster than you can run downstairs for a fresh cup of java.

eScreen has designed step-by-step rapid drug exam protocols that ensure consistency and total electronic-form completion during the collection process. Our eReader® machine works with our eCup® to test for five drugs of abuse and adulterants in 8 minutes or less. Just a few minutes after that, you get your fast drug results.

But those aren’t the only benefits of our rapid response drug screen system. We also offer a program that provides:

  • Paperless, electronic chain of custody.
  • Automatic instructions for the donor.
  • Real-time tracking of donor status.
  • Digital data storage and instant reports of all quick screen drug tests.

Learn more about how eScreen’s easy, efficient rapid drug detection system can help you manage your program more easily and efficiently.