No More Paperwork. Web-Based Drug Test System Eliminates Paper Burdens.

  • No more paperwork, data entry, transcription or faxing.
  • No more scrambling to find a clinic or collection site, no more phone calls to donors to give them instructions or phone calls to supervisors to alert them to a donor’s status.
  • No more waiting for test results so you know your next course of action.

eScreen’s efficient, paperless drug screen program eliminates all of these hassles. Our web-based drug screen scheduling and tracking system is connected to our high-tech, clinic-based paperless drug screening equipment. You save time and eliminate the burdens of paper-based drug-test management systems.

Benefits of eScreen’s program include:

Internet-based drug screen system. eScreen provides a web-based, paperless drug test platform from which you can efficiently manage all drug tests and donor-screening operations. Our automated drug screen management process, which covers all aspects of the testing for you, allows you to view each step in the employee-screening process in real time.

Automated drug tests. Clinics that are members of the eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN) use the eScreen Drugs-of-Abuse paperless drug test system. This system is comprised of our patented eCup® and eReader® electronic drug screening technology and eScreen123® operating software for electronic drug testing. This equipment links the collection site to your online web portal,, to deliver automated drug screen results. When you log on to our system, you can track all the steps in the process and receive electronic drug test results within 15 minutes of test completion.

Electronic chain of custody. Our Electronic Chain-of-Custody Forms (eCCF®) reduce costs and administrative duties by eliminating paper forms. Using our paperless drug test system, clinics minimize collection errors, ensure consistency and link all parts of the donor-screening process.

Multiple testing options. eScreen allows you to manage all your drug-testing programs (DOT, non-DOT, rapid, lab-based, BAT and more) using our electronic drug screen process.

Learn more about how eScreen’s paperless efficiency can help you better manage your drug testing program with less time and trouble.