Get Automated! Discover the Easiest Way to Ensure Drug-Free and Healthy Employees


eScreen® has simplified the process of managing and scheduling occupational health services for your Department of Transportation (DOT) workforce. Even if your employees are scattered across the country, our Health-eScreen® suite of services makes it easy to organize, track and set appointments for employees' occupational health events online.

Easy access via our provider network

Select from thousands of exam, collection sites and clinics within the eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN), where an expanded suite of service options are available. Services ranging from drug and alcohol screening to occupational health services and DOT physical exams through our more than 5,100 contract partners are all accessible online. View and choose the collection facility most convenient for you and your staff.

Using the same automated, electronic process as eScreen's web-based drug-screening software application, Health-eScreen offers:

  1. Occupational Health Services. eScreen can electronically schedule, process, execute, deliver, and report a variety of occupational health services, including:
    • Audiograms
    • EKGs
    • X-rays
    • Vision screenings
    • Vaccinations
    • PFTs
    • TB testing
    • Blood-chemistry profiles
    • Functional-capacity evaluations
    • Body mass indexing (BMI)
    • Lift assessments
    • And many more!
  2. DOT Physical Exams. eScreen can electronically schedule, process, execute, deliver and report a DOT physical exam via our ePhysical® (electronic physical exam) tool. Part of the Health-eScreen suite of services, ePhysical incorporates an electronic DOT physical form, an online pre-exam patient health history form and medical surveillance by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Our comprehensive, web-based Health-eScreen program manages the entire DOT service from one Internet site with 24-hour access, including:

Easy organization with paperless processes

  • Online event scheduling from our nationwide network of clinic provider locations (including a combination of DOT physical examinations, occupational health services and drug screens)
  • Online health history forms for patient completion (prior to clinic checkin)
  • Online rules-controlled compliance to keep clinics informed of DOT regulations
  • Online real-time tracking of event status and results
  • Online delivery of documentation

Easy risk management with MRO-supervised reviews

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) scrutinizes all exams and test results. The review is incorporated into Health-eScreen's completely digitized files. With MRO oversight, you are ensured you only approve medically qualified employees for work—and you eliminate medically unqualified employees

Bonus features

  • Superior high-tech security. Your employees' personal information is never at risk with our Health-eScreen program. We supply our clinic partners with encrypted technology (for both iPads and PCs) to ensure complete confidentiality.
  • Guaranteed compliant exams. No matter who performs the donor physical exam, it will meet all compliance requirements because our networked Health-eScreen technology oversees the process. Employees can't "doctor shop" when you control their medical qualification choices. Plus, eScreen's secondary medical review ensures adherence to federal guidelines.

How is this possible?

We've built the Health-eScreen application to create and manage digital images of standardized employment medical forms, and the signatures on those medical documents are created electronically at the exam/collection sites. We securely encrypt all data and consistently audit our security processes. This media duplication of data and digital information helps you more efficiently and securely manage your company's valuable information.

Learn more about how eScreen's efficient, user-friendly Health-eScreen program can help you manage your occupational health services, DOT physical exam and DOT drug-screen program in less time and with less trouble.

Healthy workforce

Limit health risk factors for employees with Health-eScreen® occupational health services or biometric screenings.

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