HR Software & Background Checks

Complement your Human Resource Management & Information Software (HRMS/HRIS)

Whether your company uses an HR system you purchased or one developed in-house by your IT department, eScreen® can complement your software with our comprehensive offerings. We have significant experience creating automated processes that work with all types of HR programs. Our system will integrate harmoniously with yours because we incorporate features such as XML–based electronic reporting. XML is an industry standard that ensures your information and data will move smoothly between your system and ours.

By accepting a data feed from your onboarding system, eScreen eliminates data entry and enables paperless drug testing.

Benefit from our background check partnerships

eScreen knows you need background checks on certain job applicants. So we visited some of the leading background investigation vendors in the country and invited them to join forces with us. As a result, we now can offer you an integrated drug-test and background-check bundled service. In fact, we’ve automated the process to take even more of the burden off you. By consolidating to one point of data entry or accepting a data feed from your onboarding system, the administration burden on recruiters is reduced significantly. You can also retrieve both employee drug-testing and background-check results in one unified report.

Our background-check alliances will save you both time and money during the employee screening process.