Take Control of Your Compliance and Conserve Some Time (Lots of Time)

eScreen’s web-based software ensures your company is always compliant with state and federal regulations. Using our proprietary set of high-tech, online tools, you will never again worry about your compliance regulations status. Plus, you can easily manage and access all testing, random screenings, physicals and MIS reports.

How does eScreen’s system do it? With features such as:

  • Built-in management tools and reporting ability for drug compliance verification.
  • A completely automated random (link to Silo Page on Random Drug Tests) program to ensure you maintain drug free compliance.
  • Instant electronic management information system (MIS) and compliance information system (CIS) reports and other statistical documents.
  • Online scheduling (link to non-DOT MyeScreen.com page) for all donor and applicant appointments.
  • Real-time tracking of each step in the drug-screen collection and testing process.
  • Software for our clinic partners that offers step-by-step instructions to ensure they fulfill your drug test compliance requirements.
  • Expired-event notification and automated results reporting for compliance safety systems.
  • Collection and data management for other tests, such as breath-alcohol and physical examinations.
  • Access to one of the largest networks (link to non-DOT EOHN Provider Network page) of electronically integrated occupational health clinics.
  • Onsite compliance drug testing and occupational health services.

The best news about these features? They save you time. Lots of time. After all, imagine all the hours that you spend managing your drug screen compliance status. eScreen eliminates those administrative burdens. That means you have time to tackle other areas of your job—or finally use some of that PTO you’ve been accruing!

eScreen is the leader in employee drug-testing technology for governance, risk and compliance. We’re dedicated to providing you with the most advanced programs available for managing your compliance as you hire new staff and manage your current staff. You’ll see tangible timesavings, which will result in countable cost savings for your company.

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