Managing your drug screen costs doesn’t have to rule your world or wreck your budget.

eScreen has created an online system that takes care of the details for you, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

  • You no longer have to wait days for drug screen results.
  • You never again will deal with donor no-shows.
  • You will always have 24/7 access to your data.
  • You can create reports whenever the need arises.
  • You can even set up on-site drug screens and physical exams.

With eScreen controlling your drug screen expenses, you save time. Lots of time. And that saves you money.

eScreen’s electronic management system makes it easy to contain your drug test costs. Specifically, our sleek, online system offers features that translate into opportunities to help control drug program costs. Plus, you can be more productive and efficient with your drug test budget.

No more waiting for results. Our collection-site partners are close by, so your donors can reach one in record time. Plus, our rapid drug test system sends a report to you for every negative drug test within 15 minutes of its completion. And results are available in real time. (If productivity is ultra critical, we can even set up a clinic at your jobsite so employees never need to leave the premises.)

No more hassles with random testing. eScreen’s program manages compliance costs for your random tests by choosing names and notifying supervisors and donors of the details. Your drug screening costs will go into freefall as you use your time more productively for other tasks.

No more scheduling delays. You can schedule all your drug screens, alcohol tests and physical exams online, minimizing drug test expenses. We even create an information sheet with all the details—including a map to the collection site—for each donor.

No more lost data. We’ve designed our system to be compatible with your HRIS. You can easily incorporate each aspect of your program—including all details of your drug program budget—with your H.R. software. And, using our simple desktop application, you can access this data 24/7 to create compliance reports and other statistical docs. You’ll be able to authenticate all your drug program savings with easy-to-read reports and charts.

No more missed events. Our system includes an expired-event notification feature with automatic reporting of results. You’ll never again waste dollars of your drug screen budget.

Learn more about how eScreen’s efficient, user-friendly program can help you manage your drug screen program in less time and with less trouble. Cost containment will be the first phrase out of your mouth next year when asked how you managed your compliance budget.