Introducing eScreen® Random Management Program Tools via

eScreen, the pioneer of electronic drug screening technology and web-based applications for the hiring and maintaining of efficient workforces, offers you a comprehensive solution for your random drug and alcohol testing program. This enhancement will fully automate how your program is managed.

What are the features and benefits for you?

  • Online random program management via
  • Improved compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Automated notices, scheduled donors and real time pool monitoring
  • Consolidated solution through for event scheduling and test results
  • If you have 49 or fewer employees; eScreen now offers an online random drug and alcohol testing consortium!

*Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which provide details of the program.

*Want to see how the tool will work through Take a look at our reference guide to see how you would use the Random Management Program solution from your MyeScreen account.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to enroll in the eScreen Random Management Program, complete the online enrollment form. Once you complete the online enrollment form, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide all the necessary information on how to make your enrollment payment and how to begin using the new active tool on your account.

We hope you will participate in this exciting new opportunity... it's a convenient, dynamic solution for your random testing program.

For immediate answers to your questions, please view the FAQ or contact eScreen Client Services at (800) 881-0722, option 5.