eScreen® Random Program Management Tools for your Customers

Your customers spend a lot of time ensuring their random drug testing programs are compliant. eScreen Occupational Health (EOHN) partners can offer their customers an automated, drug-testing administration process through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, integrated application. This app links the supervisor, manager, your collection site, the laboratory, and the Medical Review Officer (MRO) while allowing your customer to monitor and control their random drug screen events via MyeScreen®.

What are the features and benefits for your customers?

  • Online random program management via
  • Improved compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Automated notices, scheduled donors and real time pool monitoring
  • Consolidated solution for customers already using for event scheduling and test results
  • For employers with 49 or less employees; online random drug and alcohol testing consortium

How the automated process works:

Our system automatically cycles through donor names to choose appropriate candidates for random drug selection testing. It then automatically notifies managers whose staff members' names have been pulled and provides details to the donor. Online management escalation tools are available to proactively manage compliance. The system even provides tools to manage unavailable employees and automatically assign alternate donors.

Our random selection software allows your customers to oversee each aspect of the process, from the first stage of random drug selection through the moment the system sends the results via

In addition, your customers can generate reports whenever needed - 24/7. They'll never again have to worry whether they are meeting the requirements of random drug compliance because our system tracks their status for them.

Do you have customers with 49 or fewer employees that need a random program? No problem! eScreen Random Consortium is the solution your customers have been looking for to help ensure program compliance.

What are the next steps?

If you are already a member of the EOHN, we will post a notice to your customers about how they can enroll in this new random selection and program management tool on their account. However, you must first OPT IN to allow us to make this new service option available for your customers. *You may opt in at any time—this offer does not expire.

To OPT IN, please visit our Opt In page and select "YES! I would like to opt in."

Do you have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, or contact eScreen Client Services at 800.881.0722, option 5.