Web-Based Program Management

Give your customers complete online control of their employee drug-testing program

You will create loyal customers when you make their jobs easier. How do you ease your customers’ responsibilities? By becoming a member of the eScreen® Occupational Health Network (EOHN). When you do so, you can begin providing your customers with a secure, confidential, web-based application from which they can manage their entire program online.

eScreen’s program gives your customers full access to their drug-testing program. Using your clinic as their collection agency, they have the ability to view and manage all aspects of their hiring program online, from their desktop, 24/7. Even better, our secure, confidential web-based program—called MyeScreen®—ensures your customers will consistently meet their Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements because we’ve built compliance components directly into our system.

Features and benefits of MyeScreen include:

  • Rapid drug test results in real time (so your clients can make offers to their first-choice candidates more quickly)
  • Online DOT drug test scheduling
  • Immediate notification of expired events and no-show donors
  • Tracking and status monitoring of all employee drug screenings
  • Management of both regulated and nonregulated test events
  • Built-in DOT compliance reports and management tools
  • Instant electronic DOT MIS reports, plus other customized statistical documents

Classic Features of MyeScreen.com

Enhanced Features of MyeScreen.com