Join the eScreen® Clinic Network

Employers will refer millions of drug tests to eScreen Clinic Partners this year.

Gain your share of this lucrative network. Join eScreen’s comprehensive alliance of clinic partners. When you do, you’ll provide employers with a variety of drug-screening services. eScreen creates these high-tech offerings by combining a range of products from the most tech-savvy vendors to create a complete employee-screening program. This program makes employers’ jobs easier, helping you develop a loyal bond with your customers.

Clinics who partner with the eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN) make up one of the largest coast-to-coast networks in the country for employers seeking faster drug tests results, automated compliance and paperless transactions.

EOHN clinic partners receive:

  • Exposure to eScreen’s national-account employer customers.
  • Higher volumes of tests and additional revenue opportunities.
  • A paperless, electronic chain-of-custody form (eCCF®) at technology-enabled locations for non-DOT tests.
  • Rapid drug screens using high-tech equipment.
  • Web-based results reporting via eScreen’s online portal: MyeScreen®.
  • A streamlined collection process that is efficient, saves time, and requires less paper.
  • The elimination of pre- and post-collection administration duties for clinic staff.
  • An accelerated business model that differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Operational cost savings due to increased collection efficiency and accuracy.
  • A competitive advantage over traditional lab-based drug-testing models.

Sales and marketing support: we’ll help you succeed

eScreen provides every EOHN member with a regional manager. This individual is dedicated to assisting you with turnkey sales and marketing support. In addition, we offer a comprehensive collection of marketing tools to aid your promotional efforts. Our goal is to ensure that you are successful in creating and maintaining revenue through the eScreen solution. We are committed to providing all of the education, marketing materials, templates, sales consultation, and one-on-one account attention you need to make your clinic profitable and competitive.

How to join the EOHN

For details about EOHN membership, please call 800.881.0722 or contact us here. We will evaluate your program and consult with you on the possibility of becoming an EOHN partner.