A Total-Services Management Solution for Your Business

Integrated. Streamlined. Paperless.

Let eScreen® provide automated management and complete program consolidation for all your collection services. Through our eCCF® paperless process, you'll have a cutting-edge process to handle all events including instant and lab-based drug testing, Department of Transportation (DOT) screening, occupational health services, and many more.

You've never managed collections the way eScreen does—and you'll never want to go back to the old ways once you do.

To start, we provide a user-friendly, web-based platform from which you and your clinic staff can efficiently manage all drug tests and donor-screening operations. Next, we offer a unique suite of products and services that combine proprietary rapid and lab-based drug testing technology with sophisticated software.

Only members of eScreen's nationwide occupational health clinic network have access to these advantages.

The eScreen solution is more than just a drug test. Our comprehensive, real-time management process and eCCF technology allow both your clinic and your clinic's clients to view every step in all types of employee screening processes.

How eScreen works

Clinics that partner with eScreen become members of the eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN). They receive the benefit of installation of our exclusive Drugs of Abuse Screening System in their facilities. This system consists of our patented eCup+ device and the eReader+ instrument drug-screening technology.

It also includes our eScreen123® collection operating software. This program links the clinic to an electronic platform that tracks all steps in the donor screening event process. Automation makes the whole process seamless. It is the key to electronic collection management; digital, rapid drug screens or laboratory-based testing; paperless chain of custody forms; and web-based test-result reporting to the employer via the MyeScreen® test management portal.

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Thousands of EOHN clinics incorporate our eReader® system, eCCF® paperless process, and more.


"Having eScreen as our drug testing partner allows us to focus on what we do best with the confidence we are also providing a state of the art drug testing product to our clients."

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