Web-Based Program Management

Manage your employee drug-testing program completely online and always be in compliance

eScreen® allows you to view and manage all aspects of your hiring program online, from your desktop, 24/7. Even better, our secure, confidential web-based program—called MyeScreen®—helps you maintain a drug-free workplace with minimal hassles.

Our dynamic technology makes the task of hiring and maintaining staff members easier by integrating with all your HR functions, such as applicant tracking and HRIS platforms. The flexibility of MyeScreen.com allows you to create the perfect solution for your program’s specific needs.

Features and benefits of MyeScreen include:

  • Rapid drug test results in real time (so you can make offers to first-choice candidates more quickly)
  • Paperless drug test collections
  • Built-in reports and management tools
  • Online drug test scheduling
  • Immediate notification of expired events and no-show donors
  • Tracking and status monitoring of all employee drug screenings
  • Management of both regulated and non-regulated test events

Classic features of MyeScreen

Enhanced features of MyeScreen

MyeScreen can be integrated with applicant tracking and HRIS platforms to automate hiring and administrative processes.