Take the Burden Out of Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management

Provided by Pembrooke Occupational Health, a subsidiary of eScreen

How many reams of paper do you imagine you’ve gone through in trying to manage your driver qualification program over the years? Sort of overwhelming, isn’t it? But you don’t have to kill another tree in your efforts to better manage your DQ files program.

eScreen® has created a comprehensive alternative to paper-based driver file management.

Our automated DQ file management program is an online process created to manage specific driver compliance requirements.


We’ve streamlined eDQ program management to save your company time and money through three simple steps. Our driver qualification system:

  1. Assigns documents. Our eDQ analysts categorize documents based on your specific form types following the parameters you define.
  2. Reviews compliance. The eDQ analysts at eScreen review your electronic DQ files and assign a score for each to determine your compliance.
  3. Reports results. The system translates results into a variety of reporting options to help you view your compliance status at a glance and create charts and statistical documents.

eScreen’s automated eDQ management program works with your business to define your roster of DQ-required employees. Then we integrate that information with your company’s existing data sources to simplify file creation. Our web-based driver file program allows corporate and field managers to securely access files via our online eDQ program whenever they need them. Plus, our enhanced digital eDQ program’s reporting delivers real-time employee data and notifications of exemptions and expirations.

Learn more about how eScreen’s efficient, user-friendly program can help you better manage your driver qualification program with less time and trouble.

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