Alere™ Toxicology is eScreen's preferred lab partner

  • Alere™ Toxicology is now the eScreen preferred lab, so please let your staff know to keep Alere supplies on hand. Also, please be sure you have courier services established for Alere Toxicology.
  • Since eScreen now has several lab partners, it can be confusing for your collection staff. Please be sure they are paying close attention to the on-screen event details and that they are using the applicable lab as indicated for each event.
  • Please communicate with your front office and other collection staff that eScreen now manages more types of events beyond drug testing and that they should always follow the instructions presented to them on the ePassport® test scheduling document or by the donor's paperwork. The ePassport is your authorization to provide the services indicated, billable to eScreen. Please do not turn away eScreen donors who are presenting for occupational health and other services as described on the ePassport.
  • When in doubt, always call us! If ever there is a question concerning an eScreen event, please contact our Client Services department for all the answers at .800.881.0722 option 5.
  • More to come—eScreen is launching a new training and education series to ensure our network partners have all the tools to be successful in the delivery of services to employers!
Watch a video explaining the big picture

NOTE: In an effort to provide better service, Alere Toxicology has regionalized the shipment of specimens for the eScreen collection partner network. Please see the map below to confirm to which of the two Alere labs your region of the country should ship its Alere specimens.

Laboratory regions for specimen collections

We are just getting started, and we are proud to have you as a partner! If you have any questions please read our Alere Lab Partnership FAQ, contact eScreen Client Services at 800.881.0722 option 5, or contact your dedicated eScreen account manager.