Drug Screening firm offering fast service

Printed: May 29, 2003

By Ed Allen, Special to the Times. Source: The Manchester Times, Manchester, Tennessee

Charlotte and Norman Finney have opened the Tri-County Drug Screening business in Manchester and are promoting a drug free workplace in a three-county area of Coffee, Bedford and Franklin counties. Finney has been a registered nurse since 1975 and saw a need for a drug screening service here and opened the business in November, 2002.

The office is located at 307 Hillsboro Blvd., in the Powers Plaza. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and can be arranged other time by appointment, she said. “We do pre-employment physicals and drug testing for several local companies” Finney said. “We do Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and we are certified DOT collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians.”

Even though the business is called “Tri-County,” she said the firm actually serves a seven-county area including, Coffee, Bedford, Franklin, Lincoln, Warren, Moore and Grundy counties. “We also have Dr. Cerisia Cummings, D.O., who is available when we need her (by appointment) for pre-employment or DOT physicals,” Finney said.

“We work with companies in this area for drug free workplace program management,” she continued. “Today’s businesses and industries have seen themselves losing productivity, the quality has also decreased. Workers compensation claims have increased as drugs move more into the workplace.” She said companies could reduce workers compensation costs through the drug free management program. Her firm is certified as collectors for drug testing.

“Another thing that is important to these firms is those operating a certified program in Tennessee qualify for a minimum five percent reduction in workers compensation insurance premiums,” Finney explained. “Tri-County Drug Screening has the proper Medical Review Officer (MRO), who has the knowledge of substance abuse disorders, laboratory testing procedures and chain of custody collection procedures for the drug free workplace program.

“Our MRO can verify positive, confirmed test results. The MRO has the necessary medical training to interpret and evaluate all employee’s positive test results in relation to the employee’s medical history or any other relevant biomedical information. The MRO also helped to protect both the employer and the employee.”

She points out companies can qualify as a drug free workplace by (1) performing pre-employment drug screening; (2) implementing ‘reasonable suspicion’ or a random-draw procedure; (3) developing and utilizing a personal policy to deal with infractions; (4) providing employees and supervisory training; (5) performing post-accident drug and alcohol testing and (6) providing follow-up and return-to-duty testing.

“First screen negative results are usually returned within 24 hours from the time the specimen arrives at the laboratory,” Finney said, adding that specimens are sent out daily. “We also do hair and DNA saliva collections.” Another area Tri-county Drug Screening is planning to implement is flu injections on site (at the place of employment) or in their office on Hillsboro Boulevard.

The firm also does eScreen automated solution testing.

“This allows employers to get results back within 30 minutes through their Internet service (e-mail),” Finney said. “This puts an end to the paper chase with automated drug testing program management. We do the testing right here in our office. The specimen is put into a machine and we can get negative results available within 30 minutes of a completed test.” “The e-mail notification alerts the administrator that new results are available for review.

Results are then available electronically from the MyeScreen.com web site. Results may also be obtained via Autofax, Automated Voice Response or Electronic Data Transfer.” Finney said this allows companies to get a fast turn around of testing done by Tri-County Drug Screening.

“When we work with a company in the drug free workplace program and can do on site testing or the employee can come to our offices,” she said. “Wal-Mart here uses our services and the eScreen system. When we do testing for them (Wal-Mart); they can have the results in 30 minutes, almost before the employee can get back to duty. “We also work with the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in Tullahoma. We do all their pre-employment screening. We also do an in-service training program and counseling program for these and other companies that we work with in this area.”

Finney has been employed in the past at Crestwood Nursing Home, the Multi-County Mental Health Center, Harton Regional Medical Center, Medical Center of Manchester and Marcrom‘s Option Care before opening the Tri-County Drug Screening business. While working at some of these other places, she did insurance company physicals and still does that through her new company.

Her husband, Norman, is an instrument technician for Sverdrup Technology at Arnold Center and has worked there for 24 years. Finney works part-time with Tri-County, when he is “not at Sverdrup,” Finney said. They have a daughter, Kellie, who is a student at MTSU and plans to graduate in May 2004. She also works part time for the business.

Tri-County Drug Screening may be reached by telephone at (931) 723-3355 or the fax number is 596-3698.