Dr. Lappe Receives Prestigious SAPAA Lifetime Acheivement Award

December 20, 2007 — Overland Park, Kansas

eScreen, Inc., the provider of instrumented drug screening and electronic hiring program management solutions, today announced that its Founder and Chairman Dr. Murray Lappe, is the recipient of the second “SAPAA Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) recognized Lappe with the award at its 2007 annual conference in San Diego, CA. The award was presented to Lappe by Jim Wright, a SAPAA board member and chair of the awards committee. The SAPAA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes dedicated alcohol and drug testing professionals who have significantly contributed to the industry.

Dr. Lappe was nominated and selected due to his outstanding accomplishments in the drug testing and occupational medicine fields over the past 20 years. As a leader, innovator and entrepreneur in medical device development and occupational medicine, Lappe has been a pioneer in workplace drug testing since its original introduction in 1983. As one of the original founders of Forefront Diagnostics, Lappe had a significant role in the development and distribution of rapid assay testing systems for drugs of abuse. In 1989 Lappe founded the National Medical Review Offices, Inc., and served as CEO until 2001.

His most recent accomplishment includes the 1998 launch of eScreen, Inc., in Overland Park, KS. The company is renowned for its innovations in point-of-service instrumented drug screening and has become a leader in workplace hiring program applications. Lappe’s eScreen technology was the first in the industry to introduce and incorporate an electronic paperless chain of custody and to market the award-winning eCup™ and eReader™ screening system.

eScreen’s President and CEO Robert Thompson said, “In addition to being the industry’s most respected figure, Murray motivates and leads his employees with passion and a forward-thinking attitude. As a company, we experience his integrity every day so we are thrilled and proud that he has been recognized by the SAPAA organization.”

When asked about receiving this award, Dr. Lappe said, “This was a very special award for me because it came from my peers in the field as well as program administrators who operate in companies. It was a complete surprise that an award was going to be given, because SAPAA has only given one lifetime achievement award in its history. I was shocked when they called my name. It was a great honor to receive this.”

About eScreen

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, eScreen was founded by the nation's largest MRO corporation in 1998. eScreen manufactures and markets the first and only automated, instant clinic-based rapid drug testing device. eScreen offers a rapid, electronic, paperless Chain of Custody solution to pre-employment drug testing, vastly surpassing industry standards for test turnaround, consistency and accountability of test methods, and client value.

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