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Your Drug Testing Solution

Time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need drug tests that provide fast results so you can make an offer before your competitors do. But wouldn’t you also like:

  • Less paperwork?
  • Automatic instructions to the donor about his or her test?
  • Easy tracking of where donors are in the testing process?

eScreen delivers all of these benefits and more.

Our high-tech, automated programs have made us the industry’s leading Third Party Administrator (TPA). We’ve changed the way businesses handle drug screens.

We’ll help your company, too. You’ll reduce the costs of your drug screen program. You’ll automate your program compliance. And you’ll have the option to receive the results of negative drug screens within 15 minutes of their completion.

eScreen’s unique suite of products and services will positively impact your workplace drug testing program. Your benefits will include:

Paperless Efficiency

Web-based software and cutting-edge technology couple with HR information systems to create a paperless hiring program that is both fast and efficient. Learn more.

Hiring Speed

Our instrumented rapid drug screening technology gives you negative test results within 15 minutes of test completion. You’ll be able to hire job applicants quickly—before your competition can. Learn more.

Compliance and Control

eScreen’s web-based software ensures state and federal compliance, allowing you to easily manage and access regulated and nonregulated testing, random screenings, physicals and MIS reports. Learn more.

Nationwide Coverage

eScreen's nationwide network of eCCF-enabled service providers offers employers the widest availability of collection sites in the country, performing over 3 million collections annually. Learn more.